About Snash

SNASH Tours is the culmination of many years of travel, winemaking experience, joy, memories and most of all, passion.

Unmatched passion and enthusiasm are what you’ll experience on SNASH Tours. Inspired by his father as a teenager, Jonathan has uncorked an insatiable interest in the art and science of winemaking.

Jonathan moved to the Cape in 1993 to continue what he thought would be a career in financial services. However, by 2001 he was a qualified winemaker – then going on to craft vintages all around Europe and right through to New Zealand – before returning to the Cape to represent world-renowned International Wine Services.

Following two years on the European Master of Wine (MW) programme, he now consults, writes, judges, lectures and bathes in wine – and he is also the guide for SNASH Tours.



About The Tours

Our wine tours are comprehensive and customisable for almost every wine preference, taste or palate.

While the Cape Winelands are regarded as among the most beautiful, the Cape is also currently regarded as one of the most dynamic and creative wine producing countries in the world. Beginners to experts are flocking to our shores to taste our wines and gaze upon the magnificent Cape vistas.

However, authentic SNASH Tours entail so much more than fine wine – they are about indulging all of your senses, including “tasting” the wind. The Cape’s notoriously gusty summer winds temper the vine’s natural energy as a self-regulating creeper – rooted in some of the oldest soils. Bunch and berry sizes are checked by cooling Atlantic temperatures. The resulting wines offer balance, length, intensity and complexity. Let Snash take you on the journey of a lifetime with our unrivalled wine tasting tours.

We are also able to offer guests tours that combine a variety of cultural and leisure activities, such as game drives, fly fishing, art gallery visits, balloon flights and museum tours. The travel time to and from destinations varies from 1 to 3 hours of in-vehicle travel, depending on the location of pick-up points and regions visited.